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You can download fonts for viewing Lokmat.com from here.

The web site www.lokmat.com makes use of MillenniumVarunWeb, MillenniumVarunFX and MillenniumNilimaFX dynamic fonts. Thus you can view this site without downloading fonts to your machine. However dynamic fonts can not be viewed on certain browsers.

If you experience any problems in viewing the site, or you see junk characters while viewing the site, we suggest you to download and install these fonts from here. Apart from Lokmat, many other Marathi and Hindi websites make use of these fonts.

Font Installation is very simple process. You have to save the following TTF file on your hard disk and then copy the TTF file to your Windows/Fonts folder. You can even save the downloaded file directly to the Windows/Fonts folder. The file size of the Fonts is not more than 60 KB, thus it gets downloaded in just a few seconds. If you download the ZIP file, you will have to extract it using WinZip to get the TTF file.

Please Download All the Fonts available below..........

(This is currently used)
(This Font is used in the Heading of the News.)
(This was used earlier, so some archives may be in this font)
(This was used earlier, so some archives may be in this font)

If you want to use these fonts for writing your documents, you can buy FontFreedom MaayBoli for just Rs.499/- and start typing your contents in Devnagari........ Buy it Now

Read More about FontFreedom Engine

If you face any incompatibility issues on dynamic fonts, please visit the following page for Help. This page offers some good resources about Dynamic Fonts.

Browser Support for Dynamic Fonts

In case still you have any problems, please contact us at support@cybershoppee.com



Only tool to convert Devnagari Text from one font to another.

  • Supports over 55 families
  • ISCII and UNICODE Support
  • Convert any type of file
  • Convert text in clipboard
  • .........And Much More

    Email: support@cybershoppee.com
    Updated on : 1 July 2015
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