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FontSuvidha Professional

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Devnagari Font Conversion is no longer a problem now!

Presenting ... The Revolutionary Software Breaking the Barriers of Transformation of Devnagari Text from One Font to Another.

Now Supports Conversion To & From UNICODE!

FontSuvidha is the First and Only software available in the market for the purpose of Conversion of Devnagari Text in various formats including DOC, MDB, XLS, TXT, HTM as well as anything in the clipboard. FontFreedom Engine is shipped Free with FontSuvidha Professional.

It is now possible to just select a particular text and change the font from any of those available with you in just seconds. This is like changing your document font from Times New Roman to Arial within your MS Word document itself !

FontSuvidha Features
Who can use FontSuvidha

FontSuvidha FAQ
FontSuvidha - eBrochure
FontSuvidha - Fonts Supported

People using Indian Language Software have always faced a few problems such as non-standardisation of keyboards and font encoding. The non-compatibility of text amongst different Indian Language fonts has posed an acute problem for those using Indian Languages for Computing. Fonts for English text can be very easily changed in packages like MS Word etc, just by selecting a particular text block. However such facility is not available for Indian Languages. Taking the example of Devnagari alone, at this moment there are more than 25 popular Devnagari font formats and 7different keyboard layouts. A document composed with any of these fonts can not be read in MS Word or even in any other application, if the specific font is not available, leave alone editing that document. This is true with all such available fonts and formats. There always was a strong need to overcome this practical problem.

We are now pleased and proud to present to you FontSuvidha, a single point solution that addresses this acute need of conversion of documents from one format to another. It is now possible to just select a particular text and change the font from any of those available with you in just seconds. This is like changing your document font from Times New Roman to Arial within your MS Word document itself!!!! This means, now you can use a combination of Indian Language fonts, even if you compose your document with one software, having a limited number of fonts.

One of the biggest limitations of the Indian Language Software Titles available in the market today is, you can type only in the supported font.

FontSuvidha gives a much-awaited convenience to the Indian user, to use more than 200 fonts even if one has a software allowing use of a few fonts. Yes! Now it is possible to type your documents in Freeware like BharatBhasha & make use of any other Indian Language fonts for decorating your document!!!!!!!

FontSuvidha Professional Features :

Name of Software FontSuvidha - Devnagari Font Converter
Font Lib Release  
Date of Release January 2005
No of Families 55 popular Devnagari fonts
Names of Font Families

Some of the Font Formats supported for conversion are listed here. Download Complete List of Supported Fonts..

AkrutiDev Series ( AkrutiDev........ )
AKLite Series by Akruti (AkLite....)
AkrutiOffice Series ( AkrutiOffice....)
AkrutiGaneshDev (Akruti)
Ajay Normal (C-DAC/ISFOC/ALLType)
Aman, Ankit, Agra (Moser Database)
Amar Ujala (Newspaper)
Bharatiya Hindi
Bhaskar (Dainik Bhaskar)
Chanakya (Summit Technologies / Indica)
DV-TT Series ( C-DAC)
DVB-TT Series (C-DAC)
DVBW-TT Series (C-DAC)
DVONIL (Sulipi)
ILDV (IL Infotech / Cybershoppee / FontFreedom)
ILDVW (IL Infotech / Cybershoppee / FontFreedom)
ITR (ATM) - (ITR / Modular / ShreeLipi)

ITRFK-Dev - (ITR / Modular / ShreeLipi)
ITR-TTF - (ITR / Modular / ShreeLipi)
Jagran (Dainik Jagran)
Kautilya (WordStream)
Kiran, Amruta, Aarti
Kruti Dev Series / DevLys Series (More Services)
LscapeRegDev Series (Akruti)
LangscapeDev Series (Akruti)
Lokweb (Loksatta)
Maha (Maharashtra Times)
Millennium Series (FontFreedom / IL Infoetch)
Naidunia / Webdunia
Sahara (Sahara India)
Shivaji, Shusha (Bharatbhasha)
ShreeLipi -(708) ATM - Ver 2.0 / 3.0 (Modular Systems)

ShreeLipi - (709) ATM (Modular Systems)
ShreeLipi (709) - ATM Ver 2.0 / 3.0 (Modular Systems)
ShreeLipi (714) - ATM (Modular Systems)

ShreeLipi (733) - ATM Ver 2.0/3.0 (Modular Systems)
ShreeLipi (Shree-Dev) - TTF Ver 5.0 / Ankur (Modular)
ShreeLipi (ShreeDev) - TTF Ver 3.0 (Modular Systems)
Subak (Sakal Newspaper)

Sudipto (Maharashtra Times)
UNI Font (UNI)
UNICODE (Mangal / Arial Unicode MS etc.)
Xdevnagari ( Xdvng )

File Formats supported for Conversion

The followig Modules of FontSuvidha help you convert text from virtually any file format.
DOC File Conversion
Word Direct Conversion
HTML File Conversion
Database File Conversion
Excel Spreadsheet Conversion
Excel Spreadsheet Direct Conversion
Text File Conversion
Clipboard Text Conversion
UNICODE Text Conversion
ISCII Text Conversion

Who can use FontSuvidha

Any person or organisation using any Devnagari editing software can use FontSuvidha. These include Newspapers, Book Publishers, DTP Houses, Journalists, Individuals and of course Government Organisations.

The wide variety of Devnagari Editing software available in the market today, and with the diversity of the keyboards, it is practically impossible for one to buy all these software packages. Thus users are deprived of reading and editing material composed in fonts not supported by the software available with them. Such users can now benefit from the FontSuvidha. All they need to do is, change the font of the document to the one available with them and go on reading!

Newspapers can get their news from journalists sitting at home, using any software or font available. This material can be converted to the font of choice, using FontSuvidha, and be sent for publishing. Journalists can thus report in Real Time, without the need of having access to a computer where a particular font used by their newspaper is installed. The filing of News item or report can be done even from a Cybercafe.

Feature Agencies can particularly benefit from FontSuvidha as they can now get typed material from many sources, without the need of a particular font. The material thus received can be accommodated to use the default font used by the organisation. It will even make the distribution of material and features to various customers, in their own formats.

DTP houses can now benefit from the FontSuvidha, as they don't need to have so many different packages to work in Indian Languages. They can get typed material in any software, in any font, and can convert it to the one they want.

In Government offices, where a number of software and fonts are used in the same department, an acute problem that of interchangeability of documents from one desk to other has posed many problems. Government offices can now benefit from FontSuvidha, as documents composed on any software can now be opened using FontSuvidha, can be edited and be sent to the originator. This will give boon to the concept of paperless e-governance in real terms.

Book Publishers can benefit from FontSuvidha, as in these days of Information Technology, many authors have started using computers for writing. Publishers can get the electronic manuscript from these authors, no matter what font has been used, and can work on the same using the font of their choice.

With the widespread use of Indian Language editing software in the Home Sector, the need of such a facility was much felt. Individuals can now exchange documents, no matter what font or software has been used, and read, edit or comment on the document freely.

FontSuvidha FAQ
FontSuvidha - eBrochure
FontSuvidha - Fonts Supported

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Who Can Use FontSuvidha ?

Any person or organisation using any Devnagari editing software will need FontSuvidha sometime or the other.
These include

  • Newspapers
  • Book Publishers
  • DTP Houses
  • Journalists
  • Individuals
  • Government Offices

FontSuvidha FAQ
FontSuvidha - eBrochure
FontSuvidha - Fonts Supported

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