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FontFreedom MaayBoli
With this most economical yet powerful software to work in Devnagari, you can now work in Devnagari (Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit) in any of your favourite Windows based application like Pagemaker, MS Word, Powerpoint or anything else.
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FontSuvidha Now supports over 60 Font Formats including UNICODE & ISCII. Get it today and get peace from Devnagari Font Conversion problems Forever!
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The most effective Pubic Relations Software that would help you send out press releases at a lightning speed to hundreds of newspapers in the fonts being used by them.
Stating at Rs.14,500/-.
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CrossWord Maker
Making Complex Crosswords has never been so easy. You can now make professional Crosswords for print and Digital media, within 15-20 minutes.
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Content Management System
This is a comprehensive Content Management System for small, medium and large newspapers as well as magazines for managing their contents in the web edition.
Starting at Rs.20,000/-. ....Read More

Dynamic Fonts
These are useful for making Hindi/Marathi websites. If Dynamic fonts are used, the readers don't have to download fonts to their systems to view the website.
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Cybershoppee - Home Page
Welcome to the World of Indian Language Computing Solutions


Absolutely New...
Free Download for Limited Time

A Unique Toolbar that lets you work in Any Language on any Webpage

Now work in

Hindi | Marathi | Gujrati | Bengali | Punjabi | Sanskrit Kannada | Malyalam
| Odiya | Tamil | Telugu | Urdu

Get FontFreedom gamabhana Toolkit Today !! Free Download for Limited Time

Why spend on Expensive Software for working in Hindi, Marathi, Konkani & Sanskrit, when you can get More Features at just Rs.499/-?

Yes. Now you get the same functionality, in fact more than what you would get from expensive Hindi or Marathi software available in the market.

FontFreedom MaayBoli CD is now available at just Rs.499/-. You can do all your computing work using FontFreedom, just like you would have done it using any other expensive software. The CD has many other interesting contents like ebooks, audio MP3 etc. This new version CD includes FontFreedom Gamabhana also.

FontFreedom GaMaBhaNa is separately available at just Rs.200/-. You can do all your computing work in Unicode. using FontFreedom GaMaBhaNa, just like you would have done it using any other expensive software. You can now work in a keyboard of your choice, even if it is not available in MS Windows or IME. You can use the popular FonFreedom English Phonetic Keyboard in this.

FontSuvidha Professional is the only software available for effortless conversion of text from one Devnagari font to another. It's available at just Rs.1500/-. An advance version of FontSuvidha Extended, which will cater to your needs of converting SQL, MySQL, MDB, DBF or XML data is available at Rs.4,500/-.

A New Release -
FontFreedom GaMaBhaNa
FontSuvidha Extended

Now work in Unicode using your favourite English-Phonetic Keyboard. FontFreedom GaMaBhaNa is the latest release which helps you to work in Unicode. Useful for Hindi, Marathi, Konkani and Sanskrit, this tool will allow you to work in any Windows based application like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and much more. You can even write in your language on Web Based Forms and Instant Messengers like GTalk. Now you can post your views on Social Networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc., using easy typing method offered by English Phonetic Keyboard.

All this at just Rs.200/- for Download version.

Click Here to Order

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The Unique Devnagari Font Converter Tool is now more powerful than ever. The latest version.. FontSuvidha Extended... is capable of handling Online databases, Offline databases, XML files, and many other formats. This is a customized tool, crafted to suit your exact requirement. Whatever may be the format of your contents, FontSuvidha takes care of the conversion amongst Legacy and Unicode Fonts.

Available at just Rs.4,500/-, this is the tool the industry was waiting for.

Send us a mail with information on your data format, source font and destination font and we will send detailed information to you.

Apart from these solutions for computing in Indian Languages, we have also developed many specialised automation solutions for the Newspaper and Publishing Industry. Some of these include Integrated News Management System, Website Management System, Content Management System, Classified Ad Management System etc.

We invite you to take a close look at what we are doing. Come & experience the Power behind Indian Language Computing... with us !



FontFreedom MaayBoli

* Direct Typing in MS Word, Pagemaker or any other Windows based application
* 7 keyboard Layouts
* 50 Fonts
* Conversion Facility
* Send E-mails
* Make websites
* Create Presentations
.........And Much More

.........CD Version - Rs.499/-


* Only tool to convert Devnagari Text from one font to another.
* Supports over 50 families
* ISCII and UNICODE Support
* Convert any type of file
* Convert text in clipboard
.........And Much More
.........At just Rs.1500/-

Media Monitor

* Most useful for anybody needing to monitor media clippings
* Simple
yet Powerful
* Store complete Media Information
.........And Much More
.........At just Rs.24,500/- +

Email: info@cybershoppee.com
Updated on : 1 July 2012
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