Welcome to the World of Indian Language Computing Solutions

Cybershoppee is a venture of a group of people involved in development and propogation of technology for and in Indian Languages.

With a Rock Solid Experience of Over 25 Years in Indian Language Computing Sector, we have understood the needs of this industry in much a better way than any other web or technology firm operating in our field.
In the past few years, the people behind CyberShoppee have been instrumental in achieving the success in the following areas:

  • The First Indian Language web site was created in the year 1995 by the same group of people.

  • The First Low Cost Devnagari Software launched at just Rs.299/- in 1995

  • The First software to convert text from One Devnagari Font to Another was launched as FontSuvidha in the year 2000.

  • The First Language Independent, Font Independent Content Management System for Indian Language Newspapers developed and launched

  • The Only software to create Hindi, Marathi, Gujrati and English Crosswords was developed.

  • Solution for Media Management and Monitoring was developed, particularly for Indian Media and Political parties.

  • ExpressPR, The Only Software to send Press Releases to newspapers in their own fonts was developed in 2001, and supplied to Government Publicity Departments and other such organisations who wanted to send information to multiple destinations in different fonts.

  • Media Management & Monitoring System as well as ExpressPR, were widely used by BJP during the 2014 Loksabha Elections. These were later used by many other parties, Government Departments and Media Houses.

  • Currently managing the Web Presense of Some of the Leading News Portal in Marathi, through the content management suite.

  • A Comprehensive Authoring Suite is developed for catering to the Authoring needs for any scale.


    When it comes to Working with Devnagari on your PC, using UNICODE fonts is very common now. You do not need any special software to work in Unicode.
    But Do You Know… the Most critical o troublesome part is the default keyboard provided within Windows?
    You were in search of an Easy to Use Keyboard like a Phonetic One?
    The Good news is… You can now use the Same, Familiar, Easy-to-Use “English Phonetic Keyboard” in Unicode too !!

    FontFreedom  is now available at just Rs.500/-. You can do all your computing work using FontFreedom, just like you would have done it using any other expensive software.
    You can now work in a keyboard of your choice, even if it is not available in MS Windows or IME. You can use the popular FonFreedom English Phonetic Keyboard in this.
    Apart from the above, we have something very exciting for you in store…. Do you want to convert text between Unicode to Non-Unicode? or from one Devnagari font to another (Like Akruti to ShreeLipi or C-DAC to Akruti etc.)
    FontSuvidha 6.5.5 is the only software available for effortless conversion of text from one Devnagari font to another. It’s available at just Rs.1500/-.
    Apart from these solutions for computing in Indian Languages, we have also developed many specialised automation solutions for the Newspaper and Publishing Industry. Some of these include Integrated News Management System, Website Management System, Content Management System, Classified Ad Management System etc.
    We invite you to take a close look at what we are doing. Come & experience the Power behind Indian Language Computing… with us !