is a driving force in Indian Language Computing, on and off the Internet. We are the people who first brought Indian Languages on the web, way back in 1995. Today we are providing technology to hundreds of Indian and foreign web development & software development companies.

Backed by over 25 years of Indian Language Computing experience, our team is now poised to service all kinds of needs of the software industry in this ever expanding area. Indian Language software sector is expected to grow exponentially over next couple of years.

We are involved in need based computing. Over the years we have experienced that there are very few good computing solutions available to Indian Language Web Publishers. Our focus is mainly on such needs where the industry should benefit by getting to use innovative products for online usage.

Two of our most powerful and popular software are – FontFreedom and FontSuvidha. Apart from these solutions for computing in Indian Languages, we have also developed many specialised automation solutions for the Newspaper and Publishing Industry. Some of these include Integrated News Management System, Website Management System, Content Management System, Classified Ad Management System etc. Read about these in the Products section.

We also provide a variety of services to the Online and Offline Publishing sector in India. The services include Localization, Software Development and many more. Read about these in the Services section.