FontFreedom MaayBoli

The Most Economical yet Powerful Software Suite to work in Devnagari ! Working on Desktop and web based applications is now very easy.

With FontFreedom Engine, you can now work in Devnagari (Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit) in any of your favourite Windows based application like Pagemaker, MS Word, MS Excel Powerpoint or anything else.

Use it with MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pagemaker, or any web based application that supports Unicode.

You can also write Emails in Devnagari, post comments on websites in Devnagari, write on Facebook in Devnagari.. and much more !

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FontSuvidha 6.5.5

FontSuvidha Now supports over 60 Font Formats including UNICODE.

This Revolutionary Software breaks all the barriers of Devnagari Font Conversion. Get it today and get peace from Devnagari Font Conversion problems Forever!

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